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Weasley familien består blandt andet af:

                     Prewett       Arcturus Black IIIMelania Macmillan                  
              ┌─────────┴─────────┐          ┌────────┴────────┐  
              │                   │          │                 │  
    Mrs.  ┬  Mr.              Ignatius - Lucretia           Orion ┬ Walburga  
  Prewett │ Prewett           Prewett     Black             Black │  Black  
          │                                                       │  
    ┌─────┴───────────────┬────────────┐                 ┌────────┴────────┐  
    │                     │            │                 │                 │  
  Molly ┬ Arthur       Gideon       Fabian            Sirius            Regulus  
Prewett │ Weasley      Prewett      Prewett           Black              Black         
 Weasley family

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